About Sergey

Hi, my name is Sergey Alexeev.

I am an applied microeconomist and in my research, I have shown that:

  • Ignoring homeownership mutes intergenerational income immobility in Australia;
  • Economic transition is a version of skill-biased technical change;
  • Unequal access to test preparation activities impedes functioning of centralized college admission;
  • Russian gay propaganda laws encouraged gay-bashing; and
  • The NSW Government may need to revise its public schools’ accountability system

You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn account and CV.

Feel free to hang out on my website. Contact me if you are interested in co-authoring. I have a bunch of really cool ideas and unique datasets.

Write me an email at:
Or just text or whatsapp me at:
+61 457 871 540

This is Vova and I bet you never met anyone as amazing as him. We both like to hunt mushrooms and grow vegetables. He was born on the 4th of June.

There is also this little fella that goes by the name Nicholas. Not much is know about him yet, but he seems cool (poops a lot though). Born on the 11th of July.

Some funny Russian letters: йцшдэ.

Also, somehow I have managed to give two interviews and write one piece in a newspaper (all in the Russian language):
To sense with your mind what you cannot see with your eyes
On creating successful start-ups
The nation is learning, it takes time